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Who are we?

Property Connect was born in 1999 as a project by three students of Finances who had a very different outlook on financial management. The concept was simple, but inspirational. A finance company with the strenght and reliablitiy of the top companies of the world, based in high professionalism and great expertise in foresight; and the human quality of face-to-face interaction with the client. 

Since its very beginning in the world of business, Property Connect has pulled ahead as an innovative and unique firm. We love working in finances and making the best out of every client’s estate investment. We know our field and have a vast experience, that results of the combination of the many talents that team up to make Property Connect what it is now. 

Our philosophy

We have a wide portfolio of clients who entrust us with the management and assessment of their real estate business. Each one of them is unique for us and has a name and a personal history that we bear in mind. They are not just people to make deals with, they are part of the company’s interests now. They are part of us. They matter. Their businessess matter.

Each one of them is treated as a client but also as a friend. They are important, and without them, we would not be who we are now. We know their faces and give them personalized treatment. A full team of experts is put at their service, to make sure that they are comfortable and nothing is missing. When they leave our offices, they have to know and make sure that all they care about is in good hands. They must know that we care.

Our services

We offer a wide variety of services for real estate investors. They could be either great names or firms that want their business managed by professionals, or particular clients that come to us with the dream of a place to call home. Our team offers complete evaluation and assessment of each personal case and advise about the best measures to take in order to favour the client’s best interest. An investment project is outlined, taking in account all resources avaiable. From that point forwards, the client can choose to allow our team to carry out this plan, always taking in account the many changes and setbacks that could come to be in the real estate market.


We also offer advise on real estate related financial offerings from other agents, such as banks, equity release companies and private investors. There is currently a lavish variety of these services, and sometimes clients can feel lost and clueless about what they should do. We are here to clarify this confuse scenery and help them to take the best decision.

Contact us

In our main page we provide an easy-to-fill form for you to contact our Client Support department. We are avaiable for any question that you would like to make. You will get a prompt response for any enquiry that you make. Fill the form and we will get in touch with you.

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